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Destination Grand Canyon
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Destination Grand Canyon
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“Your knowledge of the area and willingness to suggest things to do or not do was invaluable to the success of the trip. I can’t thank you enough for your excellent services. You made me look like a brilliant tour operator, which is probably the case since I had the good sense to contact you.” Cliff Stern, Sunset Travel
• Custom itinerary design and planning. We listen to your needs, then help you plan a trip to meet your interests and budget

• Services of an experienced professional naturalist-guide to provide detailed information, answer questions, and show your group the most spectacular spots on the rim where you can escape the crowds.

• Exclusive meals. Imagine a private catered dinner at sunset on an exclusive viewpoint right on the rim. Just your group and the Canyon. Let us show you where to go and where not to go based on years of professional experience.

• Hikes and walks. Creative options are the key to a great Canyon experience. We design the entire range of group experiences at Grand Canyon, from strenuous inner canyon hikes to easy rim walks, depending on your time and preference, all of which are conducted by our staff of personable experts.

• Custom air charters. The view from the air is astounding! We will help you choose which aircraft and which suppliers are best for your group. We design private group charters using specially-modified fixed-wing tour aircraft and jet helicopters to fit your needs.

• Havasupai adventure. Board a jet helicopter for a breathtaking 30-minute descent over a half mile down into a narrow and deep side canyon where Native Americans have lived for centuries. Within this canyon flows a surreal turquoise-colored creek that forms a series of spectacular waterfalls. Explore the Indian's remote village, accessible only by air, foot, or pack animal. Walk a relatively easy and beautiful two miles, guided by one of our personable expert naturalists, to one of the thundering waterfalls considered sacred by the Havasupai. End your day back at Grand Canyon Village with a fine dining experience at sunset on the rim, or choose one of the many other exclusive options we offer.

• Float trips. This is truly one of life's unforgettable experiences, and one of the best ways to experience Grand Canyon. We offer customized group float trips in a variety of formats: from 1 day to 3 weeks, smooth water or whitewater, rafts or dories, motorized or oar-powered boats.
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A private, catered event on the rim, just your group and the canyon, is an unforgettable experience.
The "most sublime spectacle on Earth" awaits your group at this unparalleled 10-mile wide, 1-mile deep, and 277 mile long chasm. Our professional skills and experience with groups at the Canyon are unexcelled.
We offer the most comprehensive selection of destination products and services available, including:
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